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20 Aug 2021 11:50
Waterfront homes come in so many shapes and sizes. There are estate homes on the beach, log cabins with ponds, luxury lakeside condos, and so much more. There are many advantages to living in any one of these waterfront homes. If you're tired of the chaos of the city or in the suburbs, it may be time to consider the benefits of waterfront properties:
26 Jul 2021 21:50
SAN DIEGO, CA - "Buy low, sell high" is a well-known adage attributed to the legendary billionaire investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett. Looking at today's super-hot residential real estate market is hard not to wonder how much longer this cycle will continue.
28 Jun 2021 19:27
When putting up a property for rent or estimating the amount to be paid monthly by the tenant, the term rental amount comes up. But what does it mean? Rental amount, also called rental value, refers to the sum of money that one has to pay for the temporary use of particular items, equipment, and services.
7 Jun 2021 09:09
For a variety of reasons, not - the - least, of which, ia the large amount of advertising, promotion, and media attention, nearly, all of us, are familiar, with the term, smart home products! Depending, on your needs, priorities, and personal preferences, some of these, may be more valuable, and meaningful, personally, to you, than others! Some of these items, include: voice - activated devices; remote cameras/ video door - bells; robotic vacuums; smart thermostat; convenience of having a central - hub, etc.
27 Apr 2021 07:02
Although, many consider, an essential ingredient/ component of the American Dream, unless, you want to risk it becoming, a nightmare, instead, an individual must seriously consider, the best path, forward, for him, personally, and think about some of the more relevant issues, related, to where, one resides, and, calls - his - home! One's housing options, include: what you want; need; and can afford, and, choosing, whether to rent, or purchase, a cooperative apartment, condominium, or other type of house. With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, these 4 choices, and determine,...
22 Mar 2021 08:32
Many people are attracted, to be participants, in the so - called, American Dream, and own a home, of their own! As a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, for over 15 years, I have witnessed, many under - prepared, homeowners, who end - up, being, House - Rich, but financially - poor! This, often, occurs, because, they lack the necessary knowledge, to prepare, effectively, and thoroughly, regarding several key realities, associated, with home ownership!
19 Feb 2021 09:18
Although, individuals have specific, personal reasons, for wanting, to own, a house, of their own, after, over 15 years, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have come to believe, there are, at least, five, common reasons and motivations, most have, for wanting to do so. Since, for most, their house's value, represents, their single - biggest, financial asset, doesn't it make sense, to know, as much as possible, and proceed, wisely, and proactively, during this period? With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 of...
21 Jan 2021 09:01
Many Americans consider, owning a home, of their own, to be, one of the greatest dreams, satisfactions, and enjoyments, of life! There are a wide - variety, of options, in terms of how, and where, one lives/ resides, etc, including: renting; owning a cooperative apartment, a condominium, single - family home, and/ or, living in a multi - family, dwelling, one owns. Each of these, has certain benefits/ advantages, as well as disadvantages/ challenges, and there is no such thing, as, one - size - fits - all, when it comes to, determining, which a specific individual, would enjoy most,...
10 Dec 2020 16:31
There is, really, no such thing, as the perfect home, for everyone! Many factors, including, what one can afford (and feels, comfortable, paying), specific lifestyle, personal preferences, family situations, privacy concerns, etc, often, makes one form, more attractive, to a specific individual, than another. Some of these choices/ options/ alternatives, include: renting; buying a cooperative dwelling; purchasing a condominium; choosing a Single - Family home; or, determining, purchasing and becoming an owner - occupant, in a Multi - Family house, etc.
4 Dec 2020 09:07
For most of us, the asset value, of one's house, represents our single - biggest, financial asset, so, doesn't it make sense, to be, as prepared, as possible, for the most common, expenses, associated, with home ownership? Although, this activity, is often, considered, an essential part, of the so - called, American Dream, unless, a homeowner, is, as prepared, as possible, it might become a nightmare, instead! The more one knows, and recognizes, what to prepare for, the easier, and less stressful, this happy act, becomes!
22 Oct 2020 11:45
When planning to get a home available, there are various questions which the purchaser must consider before actually buying it. This is since a home falls into a particular category and a distinctive kind. There are 3 types of homes available - a home with a transparent name available, a home that's under taxation, and also a foreclosed location from the authorities.
14 Sep 2020 11:22
In today's, increasingly, digital, technological world, many enhancements, in terms of houses, etc, have been introduced, and a large number of proponents, have been attracted, to what some, refer to, as a SMARTER home! In some cases/ instances, some of these devices/ additions, are interesting/ fun luxuries (gizmos and gadgets), while others, are security - related, and still others, are helpful, for day - to - day, home living. For generations, people have lived, happily, in houses, without most of these devices, and conveniences, and, whether, or not, these are for someone, depends on his needs, priorities, and how he lives his life,...
27 Apr 2020 10:04
We have entered a new stage of the current economic cycle: Recession. This article talks about six costly real estate selling mistakes made during recessions and how to avoid them.
18 Apr 2020 08:57
With the recent concerns of Covid-19 virus, known also as the Corona virus, business' have needed to adapt to new ways to conduct business. One way to adapt is to add additional services in response to needs. Another is to adjust how things are done.
9 Mar 2020 13:01
Although, for most, home ownership is often, considered, a major component of the American Dream, if one wishes to ensure, it remains a dream, rather than becoming a nightmare, it makes sense to thoroughly, analyze, understand, consider, and be prepared for the COSTS of owning a home, of one's own! There are many aspects, and considerations, including the original (origination) needs, such as the monies needed for the down - payment, and associated, closing costs, to the initial alternations (whether, major, or merely, minor and cosmetic, such as painting, re - finishing floors, etc), to future needs, and reserves, needed, for realities,...
6 Mar 2020 09:25
What does your ROOF mean to you? Is it, merely, something, which protects your house, and hangs, over your head? Or, is it much more than that, and represents, a major component, and set of considerations, about how much, you might enjoy your home, and how well you minimize unnecessary stresses, strains, and hassles?
21 Feb 2020 12:01
It's often said, owning a HOME, of one's own, is a central component of the so - called, American Dream! However, this process, is often, a somewhat, stressful one, because it's important to pay keen attention, to several factors, including: financial; personal needs; location; wish - list, versus true needs; etc. The process must begin with personal priorities, needs, and perceptions, while analyzing one's financial possibilities, in a realistic manner.
19 Feb 2020 09:14
Whether, you hope to stay, and live, in your present residence, long into the future, or, are considering, selling it, and relocating, doesn't it make sense, to pay attention, to the best way, to maintain the house, property, and grounds, and, thus, take quality CARE for your home? If you plan to stay, it's always nicer, and in the longer - run, far less expensive, when you pay attention to maintaining it properly! If you want to sell it, wouldn't it make more sense, to ensure, potential buyers, were impressed, favorably, by how well it's been maintained, etc?
3 Feb 2020 07:48
Every house has certain qualities and characteristics, which, either, are strengths, or weaknesses! Obviously, some areas may be more significant, and/ or, relevant, than others, and, as times change, and evolve, potential homeowners, and home buyers, have changing tastes and preferences! Whether, you are considering selling your home, or want to purchase the house, you feel meets, and/ or exceeds your needs, perceptions, and expectations, it is wise to pay keen attention, to the bigger - picture, and evaluate the quality, of the CRUX of a particular property, and residence!
30 Jan 2020 15:22
Why do so many people, consider, owning a home, of one's own, to be a core component, of the so - called, American Dream? What makes people, so, emotionally attached, to their residence? What's the actual meaning, of, the PRIDE of home ownership?
28 Jan 2020 13:11
One of the realities of home ownership is, there will be, at some point, the need to do, either some repairs, renovations, etc, in order to maintain the house! One of the components of any home, is its roof, and, since, anyone living in a house, for any period of time, will, generally, experience, some issues, whether major or minor. In many cases, there are several options and alternatives, for addressing roofing issues and challenges, from minor repairs, or tweaks, to major overhauls, renovations, etc.
17 Jan 2020 09:22
Owning a HOME, of one's own, is often, considered, an essential component, of the so - called, American Dream! There is no such thing, as the ideal house, for everyone, because, different individuals have a variety of perceptions, priorities, personal strengths and weaknesses, needs, goals, and personal situations. In addition, personal tastes differ, as well as financial capabilities, and the restrictions of one;s self - imposed, comfort zone!
23 Dec 2019 09:43
Many existing homeowners, found, after they purchased their houses, the Federal Government, suddenly changed the rules, and, it adversely affected, their financial picture! When the tax legislation, enacted towards the end of 2017, was passed, and enacted, some homeowners, in approximately, 20 states, realized, they would probably, have to pay more Federal Income Taxes! This is, generally, referred to, as SALT, or state and local taxes.
17 Dec 2019 09:12
In many parts of the nation, a homeowner must be ready, and prepared for the weather conditions, related to the Winter season. If you are going to enjoy, what many consider, the so - called, American Dream, it's essential to be prepared, know, and understand, some of the factors, to be aware of, and pay attention to, in order to fully enjoy, home ownership. When we pay attention to things, in advance, which, if overlooked, may reduce our enjoyment and healthy living, the longer - term result, is often, a far better one.
16 Dec 2019 08:40
Whether your intention, is, to live, in your home, for the longer - term, or something, more short - term, doesn't it make sense, to proceed, in a way, which maintains, and enhances, its value? Since, for most of us, the financial value, of their house, represents their single - biggest, financial asset, they possess, so, proceeding, wisely, protects it, in a meaningful, needed and necessary way! Although, this may seem obvious, in far too many cases, this doesn't happen!
13 Dec 2019 10:39
Although, many people, feel, home ownership, is a principle component of the so - called, American Dream, in order for this, to be, so, and not become a nightmare, instead, it's important, and wise, to fully consider, all the foreseeable COSTS, involved, and related. While most realize, about the, necessary down - payment, and perhaps, even, the monthly mortgage installment, payment, these are nowhere near, all the expenses, and costs, involved. After, about fifteen years, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have come to consider this, in some detail, and, with that in mind, this...
10 Dec 2019 16:57
When one decides, to buy a home, of his own, either as a part of the American Dream, or to fulfill, some other personal need, goal, or priority, it's important to differentiate between your real needs/ requirements, your wish - list, and those, pie - in - the - sky, aspirations/ hopes! Buying a house, should be based, on effectively balancing one's logical and emotional components, in a heart/ head balance, and considering several considerations, including financial aspects (as may as possible, both long - term, and immediate), your self - image, and what makes sense. With that in mind,...
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